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Is anyone else appalled by the Virgin service since they merged with O2?

Joining in

Since being promised a better experience when they merged our broadband service has rapidly gone down hill. 

1. Inconsistent connection that frequently drops out. Not a speed issues they will stock answer that they have consistently high speeds which I don't doubt. The issue is random momentary drop outs which happen frequently and are frustrating during video calls and gaming online.

2. Impossible customer service. Not their fault they clearly receive no training and are not empowered to resolve issues. That's if you can get through to anyone, the services are all geared towards the online app and if it isn't a simple query you're redirected to a FAQ and community support page. Which is all fair and well if your not paying a premium for the services such as GifGaf but given Virgin charge one of the highest prices for the "unbeatable speeds" (which is useless given the constant drops in connection) it's actually insulting to customers. For those that give up they will then be bombarded with customer satisfaction surveys asking how well they did. Which is a further insult as you can rate them terrible but no further action is taken. If you do manage to get through to someone after searching for a contact numbers through other sites, they can only really read you the info you can already see. If you're lucky they may book you an engineer for approx 4 days time. If this isn't good enough for the premium price though I am afraid you've reached the end of the line. The script seems to end with. We appreciate you patience and the problem might fix itself before the engineer arrives.

3. Constant upselling. You'll get constant emails and prompts about bolt ons that you don't want. Need to renegotiate your deal? Don't worry they've got one for you but to get the best one you will need to sign up to additional services you neither want or need. For example I have Tivo box sat in the box it came in awaiting the day I have to return it. It was insisted that I take it in order to get the cheapest broadband deal. When I asked them not to send it to me they told me that wasn't possible and if I didn't want it I'd have to pay £50 extra a month for the there it sits unloved and unused waiting to be returned. It's not an uncommon problem. After speaking to a customer services representative I was asked if I could check the tivo box was working. I told them no as it was sat in the box, he replied "ah I understood you just took it to get a better deal".

I'd love to know if anyone else experiences this and is tired of the performance. I'm now waiting for the contract to run out so I can switch providers . I'm even happy to get a slower connection as I'm so exhausted of dealing with a company that is so blatantly making cost cutting and profit maximisation a priority above customers and employees. Oh and I didn't even mention the coming price hikes. 

If anyone recommends a better provider let me know. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Nick85, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues with the connection, can you confirm if the drops outs happen with both the wired and wireless connections? Have you been able to set up a broadband quality monitor to monitor the drops in connection? ^Chris.