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Internet speeds slow

Hey everyone!

We have just had our wifi installed, we purchased the M500 package. The engineer advised that to get around 500 it would need to be cabled directly to the router, so I tried this but we are only getting about 80mb, when wirelessly connected we are getting around 120-140mb

This is an inconvenience as we run a lan cable from one room to another but the speeds aren't good enough for what we need to do. 

Could anyone advise?

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Re: Internet speeds slow

80Mbps is always a suspicious number suggesting that the device/connection is being limited to 100.

Often this can because the cable you are using is only cat5 - or it may have failed. Try a new Cat5e/6/7 cable and see if it improves. Maybe just a short one whilst you test standing near to the Hub.

Also, is the device actually capable of going above 100 or is it limited by only having a 10/00 NIC card? If you know it has a 1GB card check in the settings whether it may have defaulted back to 100Mbps - also make sure the drivers are up to date.


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