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Internet keeps dropping out

Tuning in

Hi I recently upgraded my Internet package, but since I've been having trouble with the speed dropping, and the Internet cutting out numerous times throughout the day. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Annemarie24,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you've been having some connection issues. 

I've had a look at things from our side, and everything looks to be within the specifications we would expect. 

Are you able to give us more details? Are you using a wired or wireless connection? Have you rebooted the hub recently?


Hi, I've tried wired and wireless connections and it still keeps dropping out, it's like the connection drops out for around a minute or so, every couple of hours. 

Thanks for getting back to me Annemarie24,

Can you confirm if you've reset the hub? If not, can you please try this?


Yes I have reset the hub a few times over the last couple of days. Seems to get it working again for so long. Then suddenly starts going up and down again

I can see no issues affecting you at the moment Annemarie24,

I can see it's been at least a week since the last reboot, if you can please do this and keep us posted on how the connection is.

There are no issues showing from our side that would be affecting you.


Not sure why it's showing as a week as I rebooted it yesterday. However I've done it again as requested. And will monitor it over the next 24-48 hours and update you. Thanks.

Thank you Annemarie24,

Please keep us posted.


Hi so I've monitored the connection over the last couple of weeks and I'm still getting drop outs throughout the day. And speed suddenly dropping also. Making the Internet cut out for a minute or two at a time. Most recent drop out has been today and has happened a couple of times already. 

We have taken a look at the connection and equipment and everything seems to be in the ranges and spec's we'd expect to see, the speeds are averaging 547mbps download and 52mbps upload. There have been quite a few disconnections today but the previous seven days show as clear.


I can see Alex asked in regards to a reboot and there was some confusion over the uptime of the Hub? Was this rebooted on the 10th July at the time of the message?