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Internet in and out, terrible tv and voip phone still not working.

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Hi, Hub 5
For the last week the internet has been dropping out, On tuesday it went off at around 11:30, I got home at 17:30 and it was flashing red. I restarted it and it came back for about 5 minutes then off. It went on and off every 5 to ten minutes for around 2 hours and then seemed to stabilise.

Yesterday it went off at around 14:30 and when i got home at 17:30 again it was flashing red. I restarted it and it began flashing yellow for around 20 minutes… another restart again flashing yellow. I left it and it flashed yellow for 40 minutes then seemed to come back online.

today i got home at 17;15 internet went off at 17:30 came back after a restart. Now it’s gone off again around 21:50 and after a restart is flashing yellow for the last 30 minutes.

Our voip phone was not working for an around a month getting fixed on the 15th. The fix lasted about 3 days and then it stopped working again. Our tivo boxes are also unwatchable quite regularly with interference. 

I have tried all the resets and restarts checked all the cables i can access and none of it makes a difference. I assume it is an issue with the cabling to the house. Is there any way you can check this or is it an engineer visit.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi lanceloto 

Have you used the /check-services/i  function? You can also a run a test on your equipment from there. 

If nothing is showing  you could also try the automated Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more local issues down to postcode level.

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Yes, no issues

When running a test it says my hub is not connected (when there is an issue) and says it’s working fine (when it’s working fine). It knows there is an issue but just says to check cables into the hub and connectors… which is not the problem.

Hi @lanceloto thanks for getting back to us.

I can see that you're currently liaising with my colleague Joseph, on another thread. I will therefore leave you in his very capable hands. I hope your issues are resolved as swiftly as possible.