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Internet dying on a daily basis

Joining in

Hi all, 


my internet has been dropping out every few minutes for a week or two now. 4-5 times and hour! An engineer came this week and said it was the modem and replaced it for the newest model (being 5). 

today we had the luxury of it constantly dropping out and even doing it now whilst typing on my phone here. 

we both work from home often and this is disrupting our jobs, the local checks say everything is fine, the lights are either blue or white (not red) cables and connections all fine…but yet drops out constantly.

this is both LAN connected PC and WiFi connected items such as work laptop.


Any help is appreciated,




Fibre optic

As a rule, dropout as you describe are not an issue with the hub itself, but rather the quality of the cable connection between it and the street cabinet. Simply swopping the hub is a bit of a lazy approach to problem solving, sometimes it works, but it may well be due to the new hub being more tolerant of cable problems than the old one. It’s a case them of fix the symptoms rather than the underlaying issue! 

In you case it does look like it hasn’t worked, and you’ll probably end up needing another tech visit - but in the meantime, are you able to log into the hub’s web interface ( and post up the downstream and upstream specs, and we can take a look and see if anything stands out?

If you aren’t sure how to do this, then have a brief peruse of these forums and there are a number of posts which explains how to do it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Bear1988,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

We are very sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced with the service and that the new equipment has not helped to resolve the problem. 

I would like to take a look at things from our side so I am going to pop you over a private message (inbox at the top of the page) to take a few more details. 

Speak soon,