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Internet disconnecting every hour at same time

Tuning in

Firstly, just want to have a bit of a moan about how truly awful an experience it is phoning virgin media for any technical support what so ever. Been dealing with this issue since Nov 2022, had an engineer out who swapped out our Hub 4 box. Hasn't helped at all.

Called support last week, was told there was nothing wrong at all with my Internet so they wouldn't be sending out an engineer or a new router. Finally after a fight which it always turns out to be I speak to the retention team who offered to send new Hub 5 out.. 5 days later no correspondence about the Hub so I have to brace myself for another call and again it was truelt horrific, was told I wasn't getting the hub, I had to speak to tech support again.. Which I refused. Was told I needed to pay £35 delivery.. Which I refused. It's just soul destroying.

Anyway, since tech support decided I was just making up these issues in my head and they didn't actually exist (according to there experts) Ive been using some network monitoring to see truely how often I'm being disconnected. Results have been interesting because it seems like it's happening at the exact same time 5 minutes past the hour, EVERY HOUR. I can't believe I've suffered this for 6 months.

Image attached. Any idea what could possibly be causing this?

This is on hard-wired ethernet


and WiFi so it's not just a WiFi issue. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Lornography 👋.

Thanks for reaching out along with the record of the issues with your internet. In order to look into this further we will need to bring you in for a private message so that we can resolve this for you. Please look out for the envelope on your top right screen, if you are accessing on a mobile device then it will be located under your profile icon. 



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You're not the only one experiencing this issue. I'm collecting logs myself right now.

Please may I enquire if this issue was ever resolved for you?


Focus on the Hub's Downstream and Upstream connection stats, are there figures that are outside of the norms or rising errors being recorded that might lead to an intermittent connection.

Check for known local faults at 0800 561 0061.

Hey, finally getting the Hub 5 fixed it for me. Assuming it was definitely an issue with the router.