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Internet Cuts Out

Hi there, 

Our Virgin Media broadband cuts out constantly. It’s causing us problems with home working as the signal drops during Zoom calls. It’s even worse with Skype.

We have our hub 3.0 in the lounge, the other end of the flat from our bedrooms. VM sent a booster, which is right outside my bedroom but I get NO Internet in my room. It’s very patchy at best and not enough to do a Zoom call on. My housemate’s bedroom is about 5 metres from the hub and his internet works fine, so we think my room is a black spot.

The signal also drops in the lounge constantly, which is strange, since the hub is in there.

We’ve checked wires, restarted the hub and tried moving the booster. Our downstairs neighbours are also with VM and an engineer told them that the wiring in our house is bad and fixed their WiFi. They also have four boosters in their flat!

We desperately need an engineer. We spent over an hour on hold to VM and no luck. I tried again this morning - the line told me to restart the hub and then hung up on me. We’re looking at cancelling our contract with VM if they don’t sort it out. Please can someone reading this contact me to send an engineer? Appreciate you’re very busy in a lockdown but we need WiFi in order to do our jobs. I’m currently hotspotting off my work phone, which is not a sustainable solution.



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Internet Cuts Out

Do wired connections also drop out?

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