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Intermittent wifi

Hi there

I am hoping someone can provide some advice or arrange for an engineer visit for an ongoing wifi problem at my home.

We have Gig1 WiFi but are plagued by a recurring issue whereby the WiFi constantly drops in and out. Typically, the WiFi is working fine for 30-60 seconds and then drops off for a similar amount of time. And this happens repeatedly for hours at a time.

For some reason, it seems affect my phone and TV (streaming) much more than a laptop...but that might just be my perception.

For completeness, we are running our WiFi through Eero boosters. However, we have been using Eero with previous Virgin WiFi and routers so I don't believe that to be the issue.

Is there any further information I can provide to help to start a diagnosis and fix?

Grateful for any help as it's driving us slightly mad.

Thank you.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Intermittent wifi

VM may replace the hub but you can fix it yourself by getting your own router with 1Gb ports and use hub in modem mode.
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