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Intermittent wi-fi.

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Have been having intermittent wi-fi problems for about 3 months. Last week and engineer called and changed my TiVo box, an hour later my wi-fi went down again. I have spent hours talking to someone in India, going through the same resets etc, a lot of the time I cannot understand what they’re saying.  Resetting my box will sometimes solve the problem but not for long. At the moment I have a flashing amber light on my TiVo box, I have wi-fi but can not go into the Home Screen, it’s showing a connection fault CS9994. I am now at my wits end, I am sick of the constant faults and lack of support from VM. I need an engineer and this time an engineer who can fix the fault. I would also like to be able to talk to someone, not go through a call centre in another country, and go through my options.I am now considering leaving VM I have never had such poor service.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jameskd,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you have been facing issues with your Wi-Fi which has caused issues with your TV Box, I was able to locate you on our system and can see you have spoken to us, I was also able to take a look at things our end and can see you have a weak signal on some devices.

What was advised when you spoke to us?



Have made approx 3 calls to your call centre, each time went through all the re-set procedures. After a re-set everything is okay for about an hour then I start loosing wi-fi on and off and I now have a permanent fault on the tv home page, “connection problem “. code CS9994. I have checked all connections and have replaced the ethernet cable. Two days ago I switched from cable to wireless for tv, okay for day and then back to normal problems. I am also, intermittently getting different flashing lights on my TiVo box, sometimes an amber light and sometimes a green light (looks like 2 pieces of paper) TiVo box was  replaced 2 weeks ago. I am desperate to get this problem sorted, please help. Apologies for delay in responding, my internet was down!

Thank you for that information. We would be happy to investigate this further for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.