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Intermittent signal issue in your area

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I'm on the Gig1 Fibre package and a) my download speed is well below the advertised speed and often below the minimum guaranteed speed b) when I have looked to see if there is a fault, I keep being told the following 'looks like there's an intermittent signal issue in your area'. Given I am paying a significant amount of money each month for the Broadband only package can this be explored in terms of setting out what is happening?

Thanks for any assistance in advance. 


Trouble shooter

Test the service performance at the Hub and the abilities of the device / computer. 

Once the test begins Click on Run full test to see all the figures.

Do share the results.

Results below

 Router (Virgin Media Hub 4)Device (Desktop)Mobile
Download Mbps (Mbps)1145526399
Upload (MS)53.235.753.3
Latency (MS)9.7214.815.9
Jitter (MS)1.492.153.90
Packet Loss %0.0001N/AN/A

Trouble shooter

Service to the Hub is good.

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode + Networking then re-run the Realspeed test.

If the performance gain is minimal the computer is close to its best.

If the performance gain is quite significant, start looking at the bloated security package / safe browsing software / software firewall and also look at processes that go busy during a speed test - why are they so interested in intercepting network traffic.