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Intermittent internet dropouts

I have been having problems for months now.  I have fastest available broadband from Virgin and when it is working it is great.  My plan was to run SH3 in modem mode, connected to Linksys Velop whole home node system as router.  The Velop system has it's own issues but I have now removed that completely and I'm still getting the same internet dropouts with the Virgin SH3 working in factor settings.  I am losing internet on both ethernet and wifi 4 or 5 times a day.  Sometimes I have to reboot the hub and sometimes it sorts itself out.  I've called the call centre a few times... and no progress made.  Can anyone help?

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Re: Intermittent internet dropouts

Hello dysart200

I am sorry you are having some intermittent problems however the connection is looking good. Hub reporting locked on for the last 1+ days, all levels in spec, no errors, area historical data okay. When it happens are you able to log into the hub and check the status and perhaps check the base light

thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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