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Intermittent connection

Tuning in

For the past week our broadband has been disconnecting at irregular times. I've followed the advise on the Virgin Media app and no matter how many times we turn off the router the connection issues continue. When we run the status check it either says it's unable to run it or that it found no problems. The broadband service status has said 'all looks good in your area' for the past week, however the one for TV says 'there's an issue in your area'.

Devices are connected through wifi and directly via ethernet, so not a wifi issue.

Is it likely to be a fault with the router? Any help would be appreciated.


Please could someone from the Virgin Media team look into this for me?

Same here, been going on for weeks. I get completely different answers regarding whether there's a known issue depending on various bits of the website or that 0800 number that was posted. I cannot speak to an actual person about this (not even the chat bot on the VM website works for me) and I have never once been given the option through any channel to register for compensation despite my service being totally unreliable for weeks on end.

Like I said, I've had different answers depending on the channel I go through (if they even admit a problem) - I was told (via the text service) there was a fix a week or so ago which improved things temporarily. Then I got a different answer from a member of staff on here on Thursday last week saying there was a known error being fixed that day - it wasn't. I also got messages saying there was maintenance in my area a couple of weeks ago.

It never gets fixed and I have no option to even complain to VM or get compensation. I'm done with VM and will be moving to BT when my contract runs out in a few months. 



Please could a Virgin Forum Team member see if they can find out any more info for me? We've been losing internet all morning so can't work.

Have Virgin just changed the way the automated Service Status number works? Previously it would recognize the Virgin home phone number I was calling from, but now it asks me to input the home phone number which it then claims not to recognize? I have called the home phone from my mobile and it's definitely the correct number which we pay Virgin for, so now i have no way of checking the Service Status using the automated service.

Is there a phone number i can call to speak to someone about why this is happening to me? This is starting to cost me a lot of money as BT wifi hotspot daily charges aren't cheap.

This issue started on Tuesday 27th September so it's been 15 days now with us consistently losing internet and TV services. Most of the time the online services such as the 'get issue updates' or service checks do not work. Speaking to an agent or trying to find out when the issue will be fixed results in us being told it will be fixed that evening or the next day. Registering for updates on the issue doesn't seem to work either, we are receiving no updates on the issue at all, the online system doesn't appear to work.

The purple 'Enter' button on this screen doesn't work. We've tried it on various mobile and desktop browsers. And yes we tried both text and email options - with the fields filled correctly.

None of their systems work - I've tried registering for updates but get nothing. I've tried "live chat" but that button doesn't work. I've tried their online troubleshooter but it tells me there's no problem with my connection. I get a different answer elsewhere. I've been told twice on this forum by VM staff that there's a problem in my area and it will be fixed but it never is.

It's actually hilarious how bad the customer experience is, I don't think they could possibly make it any worse.

I just discovered that BT will pay off your contract up to £300. I can get a much better value deal from BT so will be doing that this week.

Hi Knitspec

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of the service issues. I've ran some checks today and there's no issues showing, all levels are in spec and there's no issues with SNR (signal to noise ratio) or congestion. I hope everything is resolved for you but do keep us posted if you need further help.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi John, we haven't had any connection drops for over 24hours so it's possible the local area issue is fixed.

The Hub3.0 (VMDG505) is now showing an orange light and I'm not sure what i'm supposed to do? Restarting it still shows the orange light.