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Intermittent connection

Hi there,

I am getting frequently disconnected from Wifi. I have run tests and it was quite successful there. However, my connection bis getting dropped for the past 3 days.

Please suggest.Thanks





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Re: Intermittent connection

Do you get disconnects on devices connected on ethernet cables at the same time as the wifi ones drop?

And have you checked for “known network faults”?

As well as trying the “check service,” Area status webpage" (link at top right of this forum), also
If nothing shows on there, try calling it in as a fault (on 150 VM line - or 0345 454 1111 others) and see what they say when they test your connection. If they say it’s a known fault, get a fault reference number – n.b.- the UK call centre is still picking up and calling at 08.00 (Mon-Sat) or 09.00 (Sun) gives the best chance of getting through quickly.


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