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Intermittent broadband

Broadband intermittent for approx last month not only for my house but other users in the road. Engineers have been to our houses and haven't managed to sort out the issue that's because the issue is with the network but there doesn't seem to be communication between departments to sort this mess out. I ran a speed test the other day that read 0.97 within that same minute it went to 502.66! and then it drops massively. I'm in 07 Bristol and it looks like this is a problem that can't be addressed.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Intermittent broadband

You can either call in (08:00 is the best time) or wait on here for a few days (6 to 7 days average) until one of the VM Forum Staff comes along.

If you wait on here Do Not bump the thread it will put it further down the VM 'to do list'.


Mike Robinson
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