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Intermittent broadband early mornings

On our wavelength

For the last week or so, between 4am and 6am every morning, my broadband has been dropping and reconnecting every few seconds. Very annoying. GL51 0JW


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Mender,

Sorry to hear about your issue 😢 Have you ran a check on our service status here? Alternatively, you can run some troubleshooting here.

Hope this helps.


On our wavelength

I've been checking the service status regularly ever since the problem started, but no broadband problems have been shown on there. Actually, this morning was the first morning I haven't had the problem, so maybe whatever it was has gone away - I hope!

Hi Mender 👋🏼, thank you for coming back to us. Glad to see it is working, please can you confirm how it has been over the weekend? 

Ari - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Unfortunately, it is still happening at random intervals in the early morning. This morning it happened at about 4:20 for just over a minute, then several breaks in quick succession between 4:45 and 5:30, each lasting between 30 seconds and two minutes.

Thank you for that information. To confirm, is this happening on both a Wired & Wireless connection?