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Intermittent WiFi - Hub 3

Hi, We are experiencing intermittent WiFi issues with the Hub 3. I've done the standard checks with the router and devices we are using but there has been no improvement. I am currently working next to the router and often experience a number of drop outs daily both on my laptop and both mobile phones. Is this a common problem with the Hub 3 and how can I arrange a new one to be sent as this is a little old. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Intermittent WiFi - Hub 3

The Hub 3 is a basic router and its Wi-Fi performance isn't the best.  Unless yours has a hardware fault getting a new one isn't likely to help - age has little to do with it.

Various factors can cause Wi-Fi drop outs including range (which isn't likely here as you say you're close to the hub) software bugs, device chipset incompatibility, channel utilization, processing performance and interference.  

There may be a neighbouring hub causing contention issues or other sources of noise including microwave ovens and baby monitors.

You can do some housekeeping such as;

  • Wi-Fi 'survey' with a free scanning/analyzer app - see if there are other hubs/APs on same channels
  • Separate 2.4 and 5GHz bands with different SSIDs
  • Change channels (turn off auto optimization/smart/intelligent settings as they don't always get it right)
  • Check all devices have Wi-Fi driver/firmware updates

Your other option, which many go for, is to use your own third party router/Wi-Fi equipment with the hub in modem mode.

I know a bit about Wi-Fi, Telecoms, and TV as I used to do it for a living but I'm not perfect so don't beat me up... If you make things you make mistakes!