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Intermittent Service. Broadband Keeps Dropping (Sale,M33)

Anyone else have this issue ?  I have a hub3 with 350Mb. The hub has never had a far wifi reach so I got a BT whole home wifi mesh which gets me at least 250MB in most rooms. However, the last 48 hours my broadband keeps dropping for no reason. Due to the previous wifi range issues I'm used to going through the usual motions and virgin suggestions (changing channel, powering off, reseating cables, full factory reset, connecting in via ethernet...and then having to do it all over again when you eventually get someone on the phone) but I still have absolutely no connection via wifi or when cabled in and then the service comes on again between 5 minutes to an hour or so later ! There's no pattern or explanation. The Virgin wifi checker says the service is fine ! 

Thought I'd ask on here as I've been sat waiting on the phone for Virgin half an hour & will probably get cut off as soon as someone answers !  

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