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Intermittent Loss of Internet

Joining in

 Hello there, I wonder if someone can help me please.

I have been having an intermittent problem with my internet cutting out for a very, very long time. (Years!  Yes, seriously!)

I’d say that the problem really began when I got the Hub 3, (I think this was in 2021).  The intermittent loss of internet happens to all our WIFI connected devices as well as my ethernet connected PC.

Initially the dropouts would often be a good few days apart, but it got much worse after July 2022.  I don’t know what happened then specifically, but the problem has definitely been getting worse as time goes on.   

The internet dropouts happen randomly, sometimes for 5 or so minutes or even for a couple of minutes or less.  I’d say that lately it’d be very unusual to have zero dropouts at all in a day.  Coincidentally, I had one of those rare days at the weekend and it was beautiful!  In all honesty I can’t put a figure on how many times it drops out in a day, but it’s a much larger amount than I’d prefer. 

My son and I are both avid gamers and the loss of internet connection for even 30 seconds is enough to get you kicked from your online game.  Some of the games my son plays penalize the player for a “communication error” if the internet cuts out, which results in my son not being allowed to play for 10 minutes or longer.  Meanwhile I’m being kicked from my game because the Xbox can’t verify whether I really own the digital game I’m playing.  It’s very frustrating to say the least, especially when it’s happening repeatedly, one after another in a short space of time.

I’ve done the online troubleshooting many times, checking connections, power cycling, and am usually told the problem is the Hub being used in modem mode.

I’ve called tech support more than a few times too during this period, and I’ve gone through all the usual things they suggest.  Ultimately the call results in the problem not getting fixed and I’m usually left mentally and emotionally drained by the experience.

Just to say I’m not here to trash talk about the tech support operators.  I’ve worked in call centres before and I know tech support can be difficult.

I really find tech support calls are made much more difficult with an added language barrier.


My latest tech support call resulted in my connection being monitored for 24 hours.  I received 2 texts during that time to inform me that all was good.  My experience however was filled with the usual disconnects.  Incidentally my last call was an especially challenging one and was precisely the kind that discourages me from calling tech support.

(This is why I’ve ended up with a problem that has gone unresolved for years.)

I’ve had a technician out on 2 occasions, and on the last visit there were some results that were out of spec which he fixed.  My son and I thought all was finally going to be groovy in Interwebland, but it wasn’t.

I then then suspected that the fault could have been with my router.  (I’ve been a Virgin customer for way more than a decade, and I’ve used my own router(s) for the majority of that time.)  I replaced the old router with a WI-FI 6 one in February hoping that this would fix the problem.

I can say that even though the new router is fab, it displays the exact same orange light that my old router did when there is no internet connection.

I’ve been monitoring how things are at this end for a while.  I’ve had a BQM running for a while and have snips of Hub logs.  I also have PING results snips if they’d be useful.

When I was looking at the Hub logs and PING results together, I made a connection with the “request timed out” reply from the PING results and the “SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync” errors from the Hub logs.  (The Sync errors are throughout my Hub logs as you’ll see.)  I wondered if ever so often when enough of these Sync events build up, if the Hub has to to eventually drop the connection entirely in order to try and get in Sync again – And then I see a huge chunk of “request timed out” messages in the CMD window. – This is very similar to the result I’d often see in the CMD window if I were to power cycle the Hub and router while the PING command is running.

I don’t know if the any of the preceding paragraph is in any way correct, but just a thought.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Many thanks for reading Chapter 1 folks!

(I really hope I don’t have to type a Chapter 2.) LOL


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Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had with your broadband service. 

I am more than happy to take a look into for you to see if there is anything we can recommend. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details. 


Many thanks Martin, sorry for late reply. 🙂

On our wavelength

We have the same issues as you, my daughter WFH, we have our broadband for virgin on modem mode and another TP link router for her to take calls from her call centre. been working fine then intermittent call drop for the last 2 weeks no reasons test done by VM no problems but still having call drops. I don’t know what else to try or do we’ve rebooted everything. 

Hi Taylorjus 👋 welcome back to the community! 
Thank you for joining this thread to let us know about your broadband issues. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems, and that this is particularly affecting your daughter working from home. 

There are currently no issues showing as affecting your connection in the local area. 

If the TP-link is causing the issues we will be limited with what support we can provide for this as it is 3rd party networking equipment, but we can certainly help get you sorted with some of our intelligent Wi-Fi POD's to help improve coverage in your home if the primary issue is Wi-Fi coverage. It looks like you are currently using your router in Modem mode, which will also affect what support we can provide on a similair basis. If you would like to try out one of our Wi-Fi POD's the hub will need to be used in Router mode. 

Please let us know if you would be happy to remove any 3rd party networking equipment and use your hub in router mode for further testing, and we will happily offer further support! (Next stage is we will also need to send you a PM to confirm some account information for additional testing.) 

Thanks for your patience in the meantime! Wishing you all the best! 🌞



Joining in

Technician came out and replaced the telewest box and some cables.  Was working fine for about 4-ish days but after that it's back to disconnecting constantly and making my hair gray.  If I can't get this fixed I'll be moving to another ISP bc it's bang out of order to pay for a service that's not as promised in contract. 😕

Hi @NEOSPOOK, we're really sorry to hear that's the case and that you're thinking of leaving us 😔

Did the technician provide any advice in the event the problem reoccurred?