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Intermitent Broadband / Wifi Connection

I had major issues with wifi and broadband in 2019. Eventually VM replaced the drop line to the property which resolved the issues of intermittent drop outs (up to 10 times a day). 

Over the past week we have begun to experience the same issues with 5-8 dropouts on both WiFi and ethernet connected devices. Last year I replaced the VM super hub with an Asus router which was a significant improvement on signal strength, speed etc and I am using the superb in just modem only mode. 

Could anyone help as to why we would suddenly be experiencing drop outs again? Nothing has changed from our side and when I run tests or log onto VM there appears to be no issues. 

The drop outs will eventually resolve themselves but this isn't helpful whilst waiting to rejoin  meeting or continue with online tasks. 

As we are in lockdown I am unable to contact any of the support staff and actually tried to contact the senior manager that resolved the issue last time. He is reading the messages but is not replying or picking up when I call.

Fed up with the level of service or lack of and just want to be able to speak with someone who can resolve this without going through the bog standard, 'switch off' 'reboot' blah blah blah.

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Re: Intermitent Broadband / Wifi Connection

Would need to check the signal levels if could go to or if using modem mode clicking router status top right or bottom of page depending on hub [no need to login - depending on hub] and if could copy/paste the downstream, upstream, network log, don't worry about the formatting we can easily read it.. try and avoid using screen shots..

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