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Interesting problem with my ISP, VIRGIN MEDIA UK

Joining in

I've got an interesting problem and I don't quite know where to start with my ISP's technicians.

For about 4 weeks, my household's internet has been intermittent, one moment, it's absolutely fine, humming along at 200Mbps and the next, it's dead.

I've been trying to narrow the scope of possibilities causing this problem, so let me breakdown the equipment:

TP-LINK AX-6000 Router
My laptop: Alienware M17 R3 with Windows 11, various android tablets and mobile devices and a homebuilt desktop running Windows 10.
Netgear NAS
The Modem is a Virgin Media Hub 3.

Modem is running in modem only mode since the wifi on it is **bleep**e. I have a CAT7 cable running from the hub to the router and the router's only wired connections are to the desktop and NAS. Everything else is on Wifi.

Now before you say this is a configuration problem, I will note that this has not been a problem previously at all.

I have no issue running file transfers back and forth wirelessly and also via ethernet. None.

So The technician has replaced the connections outside in the junction box outside the house and has also checked that nothing inside seems to be causing the problem.

What I want to know is that what if anything else could this be? There is a cable replacement coming to be done outside the house in two weeks, but I was thinking that this could be something at the junction box (or node?) - Not exactly sure what I'm talking about on this end, but maybe a load balancer issue?

Any help with this would be wonderful.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi agustuscrown,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for the issues you've had with your broadband service. 

If the engineers who have visit have booked in a re-pull of the cables going to the property then at this point we would need to wait for that to be completed. 

I can assure you these aren't booked in unless the engineer truly feel they will help the issue. 


Alessandro Volta

can you ping when dead?