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Installed vm connect but can't find the devices

Joining in

I downloaded the vm connect app mainly to try and restrict WiFi times for my children, when I look at connected devices it doesn't even show my daughters iphone and her ipad, I've got the ipads mac address and have looked through all the devices that are connected but nothing matches the mac number?  What am I doing wrong? 



We discarded the VM Connect app long ago it is was utter garbage too unreliable.

Connect to the Hub's menu at http://192.168.1/  login with the Hub password ( this is not the Wi-Fi password ) and visit the Connected devices menu option.

Be aware all current computers and mobile devices support MAC Address Randomisation, this means any unknown device are any one of your families home or office laptop / mobiles / tables.

Do not bother attempting to block your children from the Wi-Fi, their kit will produce a new MAC Address and reconnect in no time.

Every day I wait to laugh at the next person to disable their heating system or the first person that blocks their Tesla from using the EV Charger !

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @juliac, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear about the problem you're having 😔

Can you please confirm if the device you're using and the Virgin Media Connect app are running the current versions and don't require updates?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Thank you, I'll just buy a timer plug for the WiFi instead if I need to turn WiFi off overnight. 


The Hub may have a short life if subjected to a power cut once a day.