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Re: Incorrect WiFi password?!

@FionaW87 wrote:

It’s the Hub 3 so there’s a little pull out card with the password on. 

I will try the reset again but it appears it is working fine it’s just saying password incorrect but I only have and only ever had one password, which is the one it came with. 

One last thought - you didn't turn the Hub off during or after the reset did you ?  Davekel replied to another post with this....

Thanks very much. I tried that last night actually. The other times I tried a factory reset i turned off the hub after the reset as instructed somewhere else. But that didn't actually reset it - I should have realised that! So holding for 30 seconds and leaving it alone did the trick. Back up to 200 and no resets so far! Thanks again for your reply and advice (which was spot on!). There's very little that can't be fixed by turning it off and on again eh!

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