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Inconsistent WiFi Performance

Tuning in


I currently have a 200mb connection with Virgin, using a Hub 3 and three pods (one currently disconnected).

Ver the past several months, the WiFi performance has been inconsistent at best. My partner is routinely turning her WiFi off and using her Volt data instead, leading to her maxing out her data mid-month, and we routinely have various smart home devices disconnecting, and/or issues with streaming video, either quality reduction or sometimes they just won’t stream full stop. My phone even connects to other local Virgin Media hotspots over our own network sometimes.

The most concerning aspect is that frequently the WiFi signal is sat at either 2/3 bars or 3 bars when we have problems.

I have several devices connected via Ethernet, which I have not noticed any issues on.

Previous conversations with Support have involved restarting the router (not helpful), playing with channel optimisation (I forget what we actually did), and so far nothing has helped.

Is anybody able to assist?



 - My current BQM where the complaints team believe "there is no fault". I'm no expert, but consistent dropped packets and dropouts seem to point towards a fault


Joining in

I'm in exactly the same position, inconsistent service.

Have they resolved your issue?

They did, though it was a bit of a fight, but we were able to get a Hub 4 I believe, which resolved all the issues we were having! Definitely worth fighting for one if you are having similar issues as we were having. Make sure to get your WiFi pods first, but if you’ve got the maximum number and it still isn’t helping, get screenshots of the testing of your network with Virgin’s app, and detail the results to them, they are able to help where they can.