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Joining in

I went to the O2 shop to change my phone contract and they offered me a deal with a broadband which I though it was a good deal. Worse idea even. My contract should have started July 3rd (I deleted my previous broadband so no WiFi at home after July 4th) it’s July 27 AND IM STILL WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO GIVE ME A DATE OF THE INSTALLATION. They came on July 3rd and they couldn’t install it as we were the first in the flat to join Virgin. So then they had to reschedule the date on July 23rd. 20 days after. I called them as soon as I found it out and they rescheduled it on July 19th. I called them back on July 19th and they said that they had issues with engineers and now they don’t know when it will be installed. As date I got August 1st but is not confirmed as apparently there are no engineers and there are issues on the installation which I’m not aware of as they not telling me. I have been calling every single day and spending over an hour at the phone and all I’m hearing is ‘sorry we can’t help you let me transfer to the right department’. In each call I’m transferred to a minimum of 3 different departments and not ending up to a conclusion. When I opened the account the memorable word I used and the password I chose I don’t remember setting it up and can’t remember it at all. In each call I’ve done so far I’ve been asking to have them sent to my email which they agreed and ended the call without sending anything. I still don’t know my password. On another call I had I ask if I could get the installation team and the engineers to complete the work within the week (17-23 July) otherwise I would wanted to cancel the account and what I’ve been told is that they will do that by that day or I should call again at the end of the week and ask for updates, I asked if weekends is open and the answer was ‘yes at any time’ and gave me a diff ent number to call, which I did call  by nobody picked up the phone. Then I called on Monday asking for an update and after spending hours in the phone and transferred to 4 different departments we ended up with an agreement of sending a dongle by post within 24/48 hours. I gave a card and I set it up. It’s now been 4 days and still nothing received. I called them today and after 52 minutes talking to someone apparently he couldn’t help and told me to transfer to sales department which he did and after talking to sales department and explaining all this again the answer I got is that THEY ARE NOT THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT AND I NEED TO BE TRANSFERRED AGAIN.  they told me to don’t worry someone will pick up the phone, as soon as she transferred me and put on hold the call ended. Very incompetent staff. As soon as I mention cancellation they said it will be done asap but it’s been a month now. Apparently I’m not able to cancel the account online, only done by call but how I’m supposed to cancel if they not giving me the opportunity to do so and sending me my password. I have no WiFi at home and no calls/text/internet as my phone contract is connected and starting the same day as the broadband. I really hope this will end up somewhere as I’m really frustrated now and having to pay a daily pass for internet for all my family members is just ridiculous.

Today July 28th I called in the the afternoon and I’ve been on the call for over 2 hours and transferred over to 3 different departments. I requested to speak to an higher level and they passed me to a manager but he wasn’t sure what to tell me and was just asking questions no sense at the end of the call he said that will call me back this afternoon. He did call at 19:53 and I just asked for a cancellation of the account, he said that is fine but is not the right department to cancel so then I will be transferred to another call, he put me on hold.. after good 50 minutes on hold I called from another phone and they told me that they close at 8pm and no one would answer today and have to call AGAIN tomorrow morning. I’m really fed up with all this.


Alessandro Volta

Business as usual for VM in regards to delayed installations for some unlucky customers-in-waiting, unfortunately.

Read some of the many topics on the 'Quick Start' forum and you will get an understanding of what is happening and why.

You will be entitled to compensation for the delay

If a VM technician turned up on 3 July, with your equipment to connect, but could not install because there was no cable, that would be the start date for your compensation.

Capture a record/proof of that first/failed installation date and keep detailed records as you go along of all VM's failures to deliver (as you already seem to be doing). This will help ensure you get the correct compensation once you are installed.

In the meantime, consider what your backup option will be while you wait for VM (such as a monthly data SIM, mobile hotspot, additional data for a smartphone etc.)