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I stream games but need advice on Virgin Broadband

Tuning in

Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need some advice on my Virgin Internet.

I stream games daily (1920 x 1080, general settings) and bought the quickest/ expensive fibre line I could have in my area, 1GB download and 50MB upload. Sounds great!...until I noticed that my gaming experience has not been that...great.

Download speeds in general, are great and upload speeds tend to be ok at 50 or slightly more or less...however, I somehow get packet loss and when I stream my favourite competitive games (like Apex legends/ COD warzone) there are many, many times I feel like something is off. For example, there are lag spikes, jittering on the line and recently started to rubber band in game.

I initially thought it was the game servers of said games that were the problem, but I had a few confirmations that it was connections on my side, rather than the game servers. (I get in game signals that tell me if its a server issue or a localised issue, ie my internet).

I get further confirmation when I stream, because I can literally see that I get packet loss of 0.5 to 2% via my streaming information data screen I have on my second monitor and this persists late into the morning hours. It happens more often than it should IMO.

It is super frustrating and it has been like this for...years and it is not just once or twice a month. It is literally close to daily. I shouldn't be getting any packet loss or jittering, the speed tests tell me I have fantastic internet...but I am having the worst times playing these online multiplayer games.

I have had the router recently changed because it had short circuited (which shorted the electric board and almost killed off my home network server, but it survived with data intact luckily), but I am still encountering these problems.

I wanted to add that when Virgin initially added the line to my house, the actual cable from the street (just outside the house, which is a long black cable) was connected to the house in the open and is semi hanging off the side of the driveway. Is this normal? Leaving a long black cable from the street to the virgin house box (located outside on the house wall, which connects the house to virgin)? I thought they would have at least put it into some kind of tubing, or thread the cable through a hole in the concrete driveway rather than to leave the line hanging out like that. I did not ask them at the time if that was generally how the cables were supposed to be fitted/ installed and now I'm beginning to suspect most of the problems may be coming from the installation of said outside black cable. The engineer who came to install the new router (after our previous one had short circuited) didn't seem to take much issue with it but I need a 3rd/ 4th opinion if possible).(I can post a picture later today if needed).

This was todays chart:

and this was on the 1st of Jan:

I feel a bit stupid asking these questions but since doing stat checking on my streaming software for dropped frames due to network and seeing in game error messages/ codes in relation to local network problems, I am convinced there is something not quite right with the line.

Please help. I don't know what to do. I have called virgin before but other than changing the new router, they haven't really looked into the jitter stuff and rubber banding stuff because they do a speed test and that's it.

I just want a seamless, lag free gaming experience for me and my viewers.

Sorry for writing a long post but literally why pay for such an expensive line in general if things like this keeps happening, right? I dunno...sigh...

Also...Happy New Year and many thanks for any input.


Tuning in

MY GOD what is this dropped frames. Now I definitely know it's Virgin...I'm going to be honest here...I literally getting a second line being installed by another broadband company because of things like this. Does anyone have any ideas as to why?  Is it purely because virgin is being oversold? What happened to the capacity for everyone to have good internet?! T_T

Dropped frames virgin.PNG

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Could well be down to the shoddy external installation. I'd raise a complaint about it. 

I'm no gamer but if you look at the gaming section of the forum you will see lots of similar posts. I don't think VMs docsis tech is as good as the Openreach FTTP tech for gamers. 

Make sure you have a direct ethernet connection. 

Also post your hub stats here and check for local faults on 0800 561 0061. 

@Marksman_M wrote:


is it purely because virgin is being oversold?

Er well.....

What happened to the capacity for everyone to have good internet?! T_T

And whoever promised you that?

This issue has cropped up many, many times on here - you, like many others have fallen for the hype of 'speed' and confused raw bandwidth with latency and jitter. Raw speed is almost irrelevant for on-line gamers, the actual amount of data being moved up and down, isn't that much - what is vitally important is latency, ie the lag between you doing something and that action being acknowledged by the servers.

Think of it like this, you want to drive a truck through the Dartford Tunnel between Kent and Essex, all fine except the Police hold you up for a while until they assemble a convoy of trucks. Once done you go through the tunnel at, say 60 MPH, so there's no 'speed' reduction as such, but a 'latency' problem while your data packets (trucks) get held up in a queue.

Now VM make no promises at all about latency or jitter (which is related but not quite the same) - they talk only about raw download speeds, and if these are within what they promise, then, sorry but you are actually a bit stuck!

Just remember all this when you are out of your minimum contract term and are free to leave without penalty and find another provider.

oh...I don't know. Maybe some adverts like..this?


Literally on the website.

Oh, and the countless adverts about being the best for streaming? Unless they are specifically talking about streaming shows and not you yourself, streaming channels?

I mean, if you come out with a bold advertisement about 'low latency'/ 'smooth responsive gaming'...for come on...If that advert is not misleading to the majority of gamers...then don't tell people it's 'for gamers'.  It clearly isn't and bs to low latency etc. 

I get your analogy, similar to PC bottlenecking but for internet lmao. But yea...that advert (which is still there) ...

Essentially you are telling me to leave Virgin internet and go to a competitor? (and possibly raise a complaint about shoddy installation? via @cardiffman281)?

Isn't there anything we as customers/ consumers can do other than to essentially suck up this constant issue with internet?  Other than to complain and get a pat on the head for letting our voices heard?  I don't get it. It feels like a cowboy builder came into the same house to fix shoddy plumbing rather than have an experienced expert install the damn plumbing in the first place!  UK is supposed to be one of the top 10 best places to live digitally, yet gamers get sub standard internet for gaming?  I don't even live anywhere remote, I live in London! T_T

I guarantee that most people would rather suffer with sub ok internet for 1 year or so, so long as what looks like a widespread issue with the internet, is ultimately fixed, max in 2 years...but I know that is impossible because the scale of which you would need do this would be worth a ()*&%$££(*&% tonne. Having said just feels all a bit hopeless sometimes...

Furthermore, as this is such a widespread issue, why doesn't anyone from said company, address the damn issue first hand and not beat around the bush with a direct answer. Is the service oversold?  Is there a problem with the current line?  What would the estimate of fix time be? Not a temporary fix, a full on fix?  If there is a problem, why can it not be fixed? Just talk to us rather than giving us a standard issue answer that fogs most of us off.  I would rather have Virgin tell me 'unfortunately what you ask is next to impossible' or ' the infrastructure of the area/ UK can not support what you ask'. Done. Straight answer. That's all. I just hate being given some slim hope that the internet will be super low when the reality is the exact opposite...

*super low latency


you mean these?






Do you need other logs like configuration/ network log?




Isn't there anything we as customers/ consumers can do other than to essentially suck up this constant issue with internet?  Other than to complain and get a pat on the head for letting our voices heard?

 We can't do anything. They have good legal framework.