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I need to change back from Hub 5 to reliable Hub 3

Tuning in

I do not need Wifi 6 and I was very happy with the Hub 3

I do not need a landline.


I was upgraded to the I Gb service with a new contract on 01/06/23 and the hub 5 performance is awful.

260 Mb/s max and sometimes 45 Mb/s ......On 1 GB Ethernet

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 17-07-20 Broadband Speed Test Check Your Internet Speed Virgin Media.pngMy 2 Tivos work fine

The telephone will dial out but does not ring.

I was only going to use it for incoming calls........

I use Vonage VOIP for outgoing calls

I have had many unfruitful calls to customer service and I am seriously thinking of leaving Virgin after 28 years of contentment..........

Here is my latest email to the vm team.........

Dear Sirs
I received the Hub 5 as per my new  1 gb/s contract commencing 01/06/23.
I have never been been able to get a download speed better than 260 mb/s
Sometimes only 45 mb/s.
Sometimes it will disconnect about 3 times in an hour..............
An Engineer came a few days ago and redid some external docsis connections .
He agreed Download was bad but the system stayed stable while he was here so he did not experience the disconnection issues that I had reported to Customer Service.
He had your support team turn on the hub 5 telephone and a dial tone was present.
I later found out that it never rings...........
I have asked your team to reactivate my Hub 3 which has been faultless since installation.
I also need the phone to be activated.
I do not need 1g service and wifi 6 is no good to me because I would have to upgrade all my equipment.
I have called your customer service about 5 times this afternoon about 10 times last week and even though I have been with Virgin for 28 years iI am seriously thinking about scrapping this new contract. Nearly every time the call drops out when agents go to get advice etc from a senior nothing gets resolved ..................
I do not want to leave.
Please Help me.........

Alessandro Volta

The hub 3 is good for up to M600, and for Gig1 a hub 4 or a hub 5 is needed.

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

Tuning in

Update on Yesterday's Post

today.......HAPPY DAYS but first

My shiny new unreliable Hub 5 crashed six times in 2 hours........

And then.......

I spoke to a very helpful agent in India called ROHAN,

He really is a very very capable agent.

He downgraded my 1 gig package to VM600 which IS what I had been told by the sales agent is no longer available !!

ie back to the services I had before.....for less money.......................HOORAY

He then reactivated my Hub 3 for 600 Mb/s and enabled the telephone which again would dial out but not ring on incoming calls.

He did notice some stability problems and suggested I use to run tests.

He did try and call me and the cv21 phone did not ring....

As arranged he then called me on my mobile to continue the conversation

He booked me an engineer for Monday (my first available day)

He said he will call me after Monday to check  progreess.

And finally............

I have MANAGED to enable the phone to ring by simply plugging it through an ADSL adapter (from history)

plugged into the supplied virgin adapter and the capacitor in the adsl adapter does the trick !!!!!!

I had found a post suggesting DECT phones would ring and then I found a link

Virgin Hub 3,4 or 5 Telephone Adaptor RJ11 Plug - BT Socket with Ring Capacitor eBay

and then I found Community posts explaining that CV21 hubs do not contain ring capacitors


IRC only a BT master socket and some DSL filters have ring caps, most other things won't. I know the hub or the adapter VM provide do not.


The Hub itself does not have the Ring Capacitor built in, this is all done through the adapter that you have received. The RJ11 Adapter that you have received for your migration will only be usable in the back of your Hub in the Phone port.

The last post is in error as mentioned in the first...the standard VM adapter will not work with stardard BT type phones

The Hub phone system  is NOT VOIP it is CV21 where the phone signal is modulating a carrier which returns to Virgin exchanges using the DOCSIS and fibre.

I feel all these facts are VERY IMPORTANT especially for septo pensioners like myself who DO NOT NEED TO BUY A NEW PHONE SYSTEM to work with the CV21 based hubs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That adapter is priced at £2.50 and ADSL adapters will soon be thrown away by the fibre triumphs over copper.


Thanks ROHAN and community members who have analysed the problem.....

many many thanks...I hope this post helps stop the confusion over CV21 phone systems.



Great post and well done Rohan. I hope the VM forum team can pass on the great feedback. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Someone's grumpy. 

Hi Cardiffman282

Thanks for the appreciation of my post...........

After the visit last Monday ( 19th ) all seems to be AOK rather than the TAFUBAR it was before I spoke to Rohan.

The engineer was very very good and finally afer swapping out a very old Telewest splitter he was then able to decide that there was a intermittent cable fault in the link ( app 3 ft length ) from that to the hub ...but nothing visible like a mouse bite etc.

He fitted a new link with obviously a new connector into the hub and so far I have not had any problems and Real Speed is consistantly reporting DL of 650 Mb/s   and UL of better than 40 Mb/s Tivo to Tivo links are great AND

My CV21 phone works well and RINGS ........

And the engineer later rang back to check.......on performance ....using the CV21 line.

Ryan confirmed that VM do not carry Adapters with ring caps..... he was also very happy with the work his younger brother Liam had done on the previous visit.

So I am Happy

Thanks to ROHAN and ALDANE ( THe first Engineer who tried to get me on CV21 ) and  LIAM  and finally RYAN.

ie The people who Know their Jobs do care !!!!!!!





Yesterday I tried to downgrade mine, from 1 Gig to 500 or 360 and it was more expensive as I would lose a £30 discount I get on my complete package that includes 1 Gig. Crazy.