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Huge disparity between 'Speed to Hub' and 'Speed to computer'

I've had a lot of issue with my connection and it was suggested a speed upgrade to help.

I upgraded to 1gig. Now I'm still having the same issues. It was suggested I have a look at Sam Knows and do some testing.

My speeds are massively different (1071Mbps Speed to VM average / 162Mbps Speed to Computer average). Upload is steady at 45-48Mbps.

I've run 30 tests at different points of the day. I'm hardwired to the hub and the laptop running the text is the only device connected. 

The Sam Knows site says that if theres a disparity between these numbers then there's likely a fault in the area. I was told there was a fault that was due to be fixed 25th Jan but I'm assuming now this hasn't been fixed. 

Could anyone offer me any assistance?

I appreciate your help!

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