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Hub5x Virgin fibre gig deco xe75

Joining in

Hello just gone from Vodafone to Virgin fibre 


previously I was pulling max 36mbps with Vodafone but no restriction and superb router and linked btwholehome WiFi to get coverage in house 

virgin 1gig when I connect to Virgin hub it pulls anything from 230mbps to 600mbps depending on location but regularly drops out !


Virgin community support advised putting hub into modem mode but know that’s not available 


I’ve ordered deco xe75 but now wondering for them to work do they have to be in modem mode ! 

I’ve never known anything to be as restrictive as virgin media and their router !  But I’m only day 3 and if this continues will have to get it taken out as it’s double cost of Vodafone open reach will be here in 15 months 




Wise owl

The Deco XE75 can be used in Access Point Mode for the time being, until modem mode is available some time next year.