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Tuning in


I have just received my new Hub5 which apparently I need for my broadband upgrade (had Hub3 previously).

I have been slowly adding/updating all my devices to work with the new network setting, mostly all worked fine except I cannot get my Logitech CircleView camera or Doorbell to connect. 
Both worked perfectly with my Hub3 before. 
I am using iOS and HomeKit, both devices are discovered by my phone but cannot connect to the hub. 



Yet another Hub 5 with defective WiFi !

The first thing I would check is Intelligent Wi-Fi, as it isn't unusual for this feature on any router to not play nice with all devices. However, disabling it will require you to manage your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands separately.
SH2 modem mode | AC86U router | AC68U node

Hi, what do you mean by defective Wi-Fi?


Cheers for the reply,

I tried earlier the name the channels separately so I then see a 2G and 5G network. Is this what you mean by mange then separately?

I have not tried turning off the intelligent Wi-Fi, will try this tomorrow.