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Hub5 and ethernet

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Hi. I have received Hub5 on Tuesday, and WiFi seems to be working. 

We have ethernet wall sockets in most of rooms in our house, and they worked great with other companies broadband. Other companies had wall sockets with broadband and ethernet, but Virgin media has only broadband one. 

I noticed Hub5 has ethernet sockets, but game consoles and pcs are too far to connect to the Hub5 directly. 

Can anybody advice me how to use ethernet connections which run around our house through walls with Virgin Media Hub5?


Accepted Solutions

90Mbps sounds like the cabling is running at 10/100 instead of 1Gbps, or the device you are using only has a 10/100 ethernet adapter.

Keep in mind unless you are using the 2.5Gbps labeled port on the HUB and the device has a 2.5Gbps port you won't see full speed to one device (1Gbps is capable of around 940Mbps effective speed).

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How are the ethernet wall sockets wired up?

I assume there is a corresponding port that connects to each port in your home, hopefully near where the HUB 5 is situated?

There was a port on the wall which I used with another provider. Which socket should it be connected on the back of Hub5?There was a port on the wall which I used with another provider. Which socket should it be connected on the back of Hub5?

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We have a socket on a wall which we used to use with another internet provider. However on the back of Hub5, I cannot see the socket for broadband. A photo above is our Hub5. Which socket should it get connected?

The coax cable, currently out of view in your image, needs to be connected to a bespoke VM wall box to get an internet connection.

Then any of the yellow ethernet ports can be used to get an internet connection to other areas of your home.

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This is what I have, and it is connected to Hub5. Should our ethernets on the wall be working only by this?


No, that connection is to provide an internet connection to any device connected to the HUB, wired or wireless.

In order for you ethernet ports on your wall to work they must be connected to the HUB.

Do you have any images of your 'wall ethernet ports'?

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PS4 cannot get connection.PS4 cannot get connection.PS4 is connected to a wall socket.PS4 is connected to a wall socket.

There would need to be a corresponding ethernet wall port, or cable, that would need plugging into the HUB to create a connection (The cable running through the wall from that port must go somewhere!)