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Hub5, Netgear Nighthawk (AX12) RAX120 Router, 1Gig issue

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Hi all 🙂  first time poster! 

I was on the VM250 package and recently increased to the 1gig package for which i was supplied the VM Hub5

Even on the VM250 package i always used my own router and had the hub 3 in modem mode - sorry but just dont think the VM hubs could deliver the stated output.

Netgear Nighthawk (AX12) RAX120 Router

So i need to have my Netgear rax120 deliver the 1gig and my virgin router in modem mode. 

No matter what i have tried thus far i cannot get anywhere near 1gig so now i have both virgin hub5 and Netgear RAX120 outputting their own SSIDs and the max im getting is around 500mbps. 

Any chance somebody could go through all the steps i need to be doing to get the 1gig to work.

I sort of know about putting the Hub 5 into modem mode, but where I think i am faltering is with configuring the netgear, im a complete novice and dont know anything about wan, dhcp, QOS, armor etc.

I will reset both routers before i proceed- clean slate. 

Please can someone help me with step by step info, i and my kiddies will be evr so grateful 🙂

Thank you in advance 

PS: Currently SAM knows and Virgin says im getting 1gig into my router. 


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just for clarity this is what i have done thus far:

1) Reset Netgear RAX120 (60sec press of reset button)

2) Reset VMHub5 (60sec press of reset button)

3) Then connected just the Hub5 to a PC and logged into VM portal by entering,

Modem Mode,

Enable modem mode

4) Then waited 10 minutes before switching off the VM Hub5.

5) Then connected just the Netgear Router to the PC, went to the Netgear portal page

 then configured just the SSID and set wifi password (nothing else change but these two)

then changed Netgear RAX120 into access point mode. 

waited 10minutes then switched off. 

6) then attached an Ethernet (RJ45 Cable) from VM Hub port 4 (2.5ghz) to RAX120 Multi-Gig port

7) then switched on VM Hub5 and waited 5 mins

😎 switched on Netgear RAX120

Get 400mbps instead of 1gig! 

any idea what i am doing wrong? is there more to be done at step 5) above?  or in step 6 should i be using other ports?


(thanks in advance)


Alessandro Volta

Are you using Netgear firmware? most router with QoS/BWM can't output full speed when enabled

other firmware may limit NAT throughput 

Wifi speed tests don't count




Thanks for replying. 

I have rested the netgear router to its original state as it was when purchased. 

That way could work out if I have have missed a step or overlooked something. 

QOS on netgear is unchecked as default.

Besides the Ssid and WiFi password I have not changed anything


Still middling at 450mbps when I should be near or at 1 gig! 


+1 on WiFi Speedtest does not count !!   (Nighthawk will max out at about 500-600Mbps)

Try the Speedtest Desktop App with Ethernet connection.

Thanks for all the advice thus far. 

I understand that the VM Hub5 won't provided 1 gig wirelessly. But by putting HUB5 into modem mode then it should allow the netgear rax120 to deliver the higher speeds? . This is what has happened to me in the past with hub 2 and hub 3 routers.

Currently paying for 1 gig and getting less than the 512mb plan! Is a bit of a farce!

I'm still thinking I may not have wired or configured the netgear correctly, any geniuses who could check this over? 



Alessandro Volta

Your problem is you THINK your router by wifi can deliver 1Gb it can't. For close to 1Gb (940Mb if that) you need a better wifi AP plus your device needs to handle this.

So look for even faster wifi 6 router/AP plus the end device 


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Thank you all for your advice thus far. 

My quest is not to acheive 1gig but to get somewhere close to acheiving this. I am sure you would all agree paying for 1gig and acheiving 450mbs, well i might as well save some money and be on the 512mb plan! 

450mbs is so far out its bordering ridicluous! 

Anyway, im just hoping im doing things right - do you folks thing i have setup/configured everything correctly? or is there something else i could do?


Thanks again

My router which i want to use as an access point is the Netgear RAX120 (AX12). It is wifi6 and one of the more advance ones (so i have been told!). Surely as an access point its should have the muscle to deliver if 1gig was passing through to it. Thinking its the netgear config, anyone else with a netgear router who have managed to get it to work with the VM Hub5 1gig plan?

Alessandro Volta

What speed you get by wire?