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Re: Hub4 losing ssid settings

@sgurprit VM have had repeated opportunities to take ownership and get this resolved, they've chosen not to.  The various area faults and power level issues may be real, they would have no bearing whatsoever on the causes of the hub losing user settings, which can only be a hardware fault or a firmware bug.  I suggest you make a formal complaint using the online form in My Virgin Media, asking that:

1) VM replace the hub and offer compensation for the protractedly poor customer service, or

2) that they credit your account with say £50 for the inconvenience plus £100 to allow you to buy a router from a company that make stuff that actually works (we can advise on what to do if VM do this), or 

3) If they won't do 1 or 2, that they issue a deadlock letter so that you can have the complaint reviewed by CISAS, the industry complaints scheme.  

See what happens with that; VM's complaints handling has not been a strong point, but if they continue to mess around at least you can take the matter to CISAS.

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