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Hub4 changing dns settings

Is there a way to unlock the DNS settings on the Hub4, so I can change them? 

Is there another router that Virgin provides that would allow this?

I recently upgraded from the Hub2 to the Hub4.  The Hub2 worked fine in modem mode and I used an Asus router with it.  However, the Hub4 in modem mode appeared incompatible with my router, so I have had to mothball the router and use the Hub4 in router mode.  Unfortunately, the Hub4 does not allow me to change the DNS settings, so I can't use a a web filtering service for all connected devices.  I don't think it's worth trying to put the Hub4 back to modem mode, because it doesn't seem to work properly with my router, from experience.

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Re: Hub4 changing dns settings

Virgin routers don't have the option to change DNS

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