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Hub4 and 2.4GHz connection dropping

On our wavelength

Having a major issue with the Hub4 - the 2.4GHz connection keeps dropping, I can see it on the list, but it just says no internet. It's working fine for 5GHz. Constantly having to reset the router to get it connect again, and i'm having to do this once or twice a day.

The bands are split out with different names so the older tablets can actually connect to the internet, and i've even tried disabling smart Wi-Fi - nothing fixes it, every so often it just cuts off.

What could be causing this problem? The Hub4 has been nothing but trouble for me since we got one 1-2 years ago.I've tried calling Virgin Media but it's all automated, the internet fault just wants them to reset everything, as if I haven't already tried that!




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You have set the channel to auto.  Have you tried "manual" and you should also use a wifi analyser App (or Airport Utility on iOS) to check which of the 2.4 channels are being heavily used around you and move yours to one of numbers 1,6,11 that is least visible from other users.


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's & TP-Link Archer C64 WAP. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BluesFanUK, 

Thanks for taking the time to post about the issues within the Community. 

We're sorry to hear your WiFi connection on the 2.4Ghz is dropping every so often. As pointed out by jbrennand, as the WiFi channel is set to auto, it will analyse the best channel and switch this if needed. This will cause a momentary drop out in the connection. 

Ty the suggestion above of switching to manual but be aware, if the channel gets congested, it may cause an issue with the connection so you would need to monitor things and adjust the channel if needed. 

Keep us posted on how things go and let us know if you need further help. 


Forum Team

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