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Hub4 WiFi password issue

Joining in

I'm trying to change the WiFi password on the Hub4 but it keeps reverting back to the default password.
I have contacted "support" via the 0345 454 1111 and spoke with someone there but this appeared to be a waste of my time.  
The person on the phone insisted that my new password should be a maximum of 10 characters long which is very strange considering the default password is more than 10 and a password 10 characters long would not indicate as strong.

Does anyone have advice on what I need to do to resolve this issue?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Garry-James,

Welcome back to our Community Forums! Thank you for your post and sorry to hear that you're having some issues changing your Hub password.

Please follow the below instructions to change your Hub password. Have you tried this before? What happened after you made the changes?

  1. Access the Hub configuration pages by entering into the address bar of your web browser
  2. Log in to the device using the default settings password (as shown on the label on the bottom of the Hub)
    Note: the forgotten password option on the login page will not work
  3. Once you are logged in click Admin and then Change password
  4. Enter the existing password and then enter your new password. The minimum criteria for the new password is:
    • minimum of 8 characters
    • must have lower case letters
    • at least 1 upper case letter
    • at least 1 number
  5. Click on Apply changes

If you ever forget your Hub password, you can reset it back to the original password by following a Pin-Hole Reset. Please ensure that you still have the sticker on your Hub with the original password just in case.

Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

Thanks! 🙂

Forum Team

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Hi Paulina.
Currently I'm beyond confused regarding which information is correct due to conflicting solutions.

The hub instructions state a minimum of 10 characters long.
The VM support phone call stated a maximum of 10 characters long.
The information here now states a minimum of 8 characters long.
The email reply I've had from VM states "there is no reason it can't be more than 10 charters long"

I'm sure anyone would be both confused and frustrated which is exactly where I find myself.

The original issue was the password reverting back to its default setting after I change it to something else.  I'm not the first person to have this issue, the exact same problem has been reported on this forum in the past. 

I will tackle this problem at a later date as for now I feel like I'm getting nowhere. 

Hi Garry-James 👋 thank you for getting back to us. 

Apologies for your ongoing frustration in this matter with the personalised hub password, and for any conflicting information given. I'd like to offer some support, but will need to gather a bit more information about exactly what is happening to try and narrow down the potential cause of the issue. If you can please let us know;

  • If you have been able to successfully change the password on the hub to a personalised password (via the method posted above by Paulina.)
  • Once using a personalised password, how long does it take until it reverts back to the original default hub password?
  • Is this happening across multiple devices? And on both wired and Wi-Fi connections?
  • Has this always been an issue or has it only recently started? 

Please let us know and we can investigate further and offer further support if needed. Thank you for your patience whilst we get to the bottom of things! All the best. 🌞


"change the WiFi password on the Hub4"

You could be fighting a battle that can not be won with the Hub 4 in Router mode.

Reverting the to factory SSID / Password is a known issue with the Hub 4.

We may never know if this is a firmware defect or it is caused by a VM WiFi policy ( like auto re-enable of both WiFi bands )

To fully overcome this may need the Hub 4 in modem mode + a 3rd Party Router / WiFi mesh.