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Hub rebooting randomly

Hi, I've been having issues with my hub for weeks now.

At the beginning it was rebooting once or twice an evening. Annoying but I just put up with it. This then became more regular sometimes even rebooting before its fully come back. 

Then sometimes it would go for hours with no lights on. My prognosis is either the hub or power adaptor need swapping out.

I phoned VM support at one point. They said I needed to book an engineer so I booked one. I dont know if the support person did something or not but of course my hub started behaving itself again so when it came time for engineer to come I cancelled.

A few days later it started happening again. Now I'm self isolating and I'm not sure my internet being down is essential enough for a visit from an engineer anyway.

Is there some magic words I can say to just get sent a new hub/power adaptor as I need the internet to wfh?

Any other suggestions gratefully received.


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Re: Hub rebooting randomly

You need to re-book the engineer.


Mike Robinson
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