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Hub not found!

Joining in

Hi, I'm new to Virgin media and thought I would treat myself to the volt package with 1 gig broadband and the new hub 5 router that I was told would easily cover my house, up to now I've nothing but trouble Tring to get the virgin connect app to work do I can check WiFi strength around my house as the signal is very weak or non existent up stairs or in the vack room  these rooms are part of an extension so I think I need a couple of wifi boosters. I need the app apparently to order them but everything I try does not work, any help or advice is appreciated,  I've searched the topic and tried all the suggestions. 


Dialled in

Hi, how many days is it since you have upgraded to the 1GB service? I had issues connecting to the new Hub 5 after install day, think it was 3 maybe 4 days later and the app then started working.

I dont understand why, but it seems it takes a few days for the system and or app to update itself. I did everything, reboot router, reset router, cleared cache in the app, uninstalled the damn thing and a new install.. nothing. Unfortunately it's a wait and suck eggs moment till it magically fixes itself

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Darren71,

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our Community.
Sorry to hear you are having an issue with the connect app and your Hub5.

Can you pleas try the following below if you are still having this connection issue.

First would be a pinhole reset on the Hub.

At the base or back you will see a reset button. keep that pressed in for at least 20 seconds.

Allow the Hub to settle down again.

On your mobile device go to the WiFi settings, choose advanced and change the mac address setting to non private.

Then log back into your Connect App and see if that helps.

We did have another Customer called Babak11 with the same issue, which is advised here 

Can you pleas let me know if that helps.