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Hub 5x modem mode not working - no wan

Joining in

I have a draytek vigor 2960 and the new virgin hub 5x, for some reason on this new hub the modem mode is hidden, I had to access it via url ?page=modemode

anyway I activated modem mode and once that was done I turned the hub off and connected my draytek wan 1 to the 10gig port on the Virgin hub, turned the hub back on but my draytek is saying the wan is down, it won’t get an internet connection.

on top of that even if I connect to the hub directly the stated ip does not work, my computer gets an ip on a completely different subnet to that?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

AFAIK, the Hub 5X (fibre modem) does not have a working modem mode available.  You will have to use it in Router mode at the moment.  There is a long thread somewhere on this Forum about it.

A shorter thread here Enabling Modem Mode on Hub 5x - Virgin Media Community - 5352015

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Alessandro Volta

Stupid that they didn't add modem mode from the start its like building a house without the foundation



This thread re-confirms why Modem mode is hidden on an Hub 5x, routers and mesh systems can be used in access point mode for now.

This is an absolute joke so the older routers have this but the latest one doesn’t? I did get it working via the link someone shared but then two weeks later it just stopped working. I now have to revert to using their crappy router; why would they give me a router that’s not fit for purpose? It may be ok for the standard home user but when you know what you’re doing and want to control your own network it’s ridiculous. I just don’t understand why the hub 4 has this but the latest doesn’t 

Alessandro Volta

They want to make a good impression so you don't need modem mode.


Hi Glenelkinsdev 

I wholeheartedly agree. I cannot understand why they went for this box which is obviously not ready for production release, instead of just an ONT and a separate router like most other fibre networks in the world.

I've been through a similar thing before with a suppliers cable TV box that was not ready for release to the public and they kept trying to catch up by releasing bug ridden software. This went on for years, they never got it right, and eventually got taken over I believe. I hope we have more luck with this box.