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Hub 5x Modem Mode - 15th Nov '23

On our wavelength


I've recently had XGS-PON installed and the Engineer told me the Hub 5x has a "working modem mode."

It does not.

You can access the 'hidden' (and seemingly non-functional) modem mode option via a secret URL, but enabling it does nothing, because the ports don't function after the fact. It has also in some cases bricked peoples hubs by enabling it. This leaves you wondering why it was left there in the first place if a) it's not supported and, b) it has the capacity to cause issues with the hub if enabled. 

So, the Hub 5x does NOT in fact have a working Modem mode; so either I was misinformed by an engineer who didn't know better, or was lied to. In either case - not good.

I know this question has been asked a lot (and with good reason) but can someone from VM please give us a DEFINITIVE date on when we are likely to get a working, fully functional, modem mode on the Hub 5x please? 

This is a massively requested feature.

Thank you in advance.




Well ultimately I'd like to use my own network equipment (which is far superior to the hub 5x in every possible way) so that I can get the features and connectivity I desire on the devices I choose (not to mention decent QOS and packet optimisation/better security.)

Also the need for it is to avoid double NAT and '**bleep**' a way around it by putting my ASUS router in the DMZ of the Hub 5x to pass all traffic to the WAN port of that ASUS router; but that's a potch, and something I or others shouldn't have to do, because this feature should be readily available, as it was with the hub 5 and versions prior.


On our wavelength

No idea why its bleeped a non-expletive 😮

Alessandro Volta

If VM don't do modem mode when Full Fibre happens here I might have to find another ISP