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Hub 5x Keeps Failing; no DHCP

Tuning in

I have a Hub 5x, in an XGS-PON trial area. Every couple of weeks, it stops providing IP addresses internally. Sometimes wired connections still work, or select wireless ones, other times nothing. 
Generally, multiple factory resets solve the problem. It happened again yesterday, and this time, nothing can connect at all; every single device in the house fails to get an IP address, so I can’t even access the Hub to make any direct changes. 
I’ve tried about 6 factory resets, switching off at the plug for a while, and so on, but nothing is working. Every device asks the DHCP server for an address and gets no reply; all my Apple devices end up with a self-assigned IP, and nothing can connect to the Internet. 
I’ve spent half an hour on hold to various phone numbers, and so far I’ve just had the usual brush-off that there are “no faults in your area,” but no help. 
I’ve seen mention of a specific team that knows about the Hub 5x but I can’t find a number for them; anyone know?

We rely on the internet a lot; we use it for everything (security, radio, all TV and entertainment, even our lighting), and I work from home; so it is a total nightmare having a bricked router that won’t even respond to complete factory resets, and tech support that have only got as far as hanging up on me today. 
Any help would be appreciated!



This is not a fix just and idea to try and see what the Hub 5x is up to.

You could set a manual IP on your laptop and see if that enables a connection to the Hub 5x menus.

Settings might be similar to this ...