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Hub 5

On our wavelength

How do i get hold of a Hub 5 ? I currently own a Hub 4 and feel i'm missing out on the new tech 


Dialled in

Apparently we 1GB customers aren’t allowed such luxuries 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Be careful what you wish for.  Have a read at the threads here revolving around the Hub 5.  Being "newer" is not always a good thing ......

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Joining in

I’ve been told they don’t have any in stock at the minute? Not sure if that’s true or they just wanted to get me off the phone 😁. They said they would email me when they have them back in stock 

On our wavelength

I got a “not released yet” from an online chat earlier.. curiouser and curiouser 🥴

Hub 5 has far too many known technical defects & security concerns to be on our wish list.

If one is imposed on us it will be used in Modem mode with a 3rd Party Router from day one.

We are too busy to be wasting time on defective ISP equipment.

Same here!

From reading the posts on here - it seems it is buggy as hell in router mode!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

Of the cuff Hub 5 issues ...

1) Hub or PSU are dead out of the box or fail in the first weeks
2) DNS lookup manipulation / failure due to time outs.
3) WiFi WPA3-SAE - issues of not working with kit from Apple & HP
4) WiFi fails to work when SSIDs are changed.
5) No data route from 5Ghz WiFi band to 2.4Ghz band hence a 2.4Ghz WiFi printer (from HP, Epson, Canon) may not be reachable / usable.
6) DHCP server failure - blocking devices from reaching the internet
7) VOIP security hole at UDP 5060 on public IP, permitting persistent Ghost calls to affect customers telephones.

Finally : Not a single firmware update or defect fix has been released in the last 12 months.

Items 2 to 6 can be overcome with modem mode and a 3rd Party router.  

But 1 & 7 are issues that affect both Router & Modem mode.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

My Hub5 is excellent ……… always been run in modem mode!

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2

If a Hub 5 arrives here we shall do the same !