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Hub 5 not working with my VOIP phone

Joining in


I just changed to Virgin Media - everything working apart from my VOIP phone which I'm connecting via a switch that provides POE.  Can't see it being an issue with the switch because it's working with everything else and the phone was working with the router from the old ISP.  Are there any settings I'll need to change please?



We have a Hub 3 in router mode, with 3 VOIP numbers operating on Cisco kit with Sipgate as the VOIP provider.

Make sure Child Safe is disabled on your VM account.  This is notorious for blocking voice / tele-conf calls & more.

Look at the status of the VOIP Phone and work out why it is not working.

Use the Phone's screen or better Web Menu to find out.

1) Has it powered up ?
2) Has it got an IP address ? ( either via DHCP or a static in the range )
3) Has it got the correct date and time ?  ( via NTP perhaps )
4) Has it connected to the VOIP / SIP account ? 
5) Some other issue applies ... give details please.