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Hub 5 not found by Connect App

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I have just upgraded to the Hub 5 and when I try to update my network on the Connect App, I just get a message saying "Something went wrong on our side"

I have checked all the previous posts about this and apparently is a "Known issue" with "High Priority" to get it fixed. This was 5 months ago so I can only imagine what other priorities there are.

I have deleted the app numerous times and reinstalled it, re-booted the hub and nothing seems to want to connect. Initially, the app was finding my extender pods but now they have disappeared because they won't pair to the hub because the App isn't working.

The hub itself is fine and the speeds are incredible and if it wasn't for the fact I need the extender pods, I wouldn't even need to go near this app. 

Has anyone else found a solution to this well known and fairly basic problem?

Thanks in advance!



There are indeed many posts covering this topic all with the same resolution, patience.

Until the VM back office systems register the replacement Hub the VM Connect app is unable to work.

Re-try every couple of days, it may take a while.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @NeilK24 

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Sorry to hear you're having issues accessing the connect app after you've had a new router. 
The pods should provision to the new router automatically for you. Can you confirm if the pods are working at this time?
If not, can you try a pin hole reset on the router with the pods as close as possible to the router in main sockets and let us know if the pods have stopped flashing 15 minutes after the pin hole reset. 



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Hi and thanks for your replies.

Have moved the pods next to the hub and reset everything. One pod is pulsing white, one pod is pulsing blue and the connect app still can't find the hub. Only thing working is the hub so I only have internet in half my house.

Any idea how often the VM back office systems update? I'd have thought it would be fairly regularly....

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

For the Pods, try calling the equipment activation number they may be able to help. It's 0800 953 9500 and you will need the Hub/Pods serial number/MAC address from the barcode sticker, and your account number.

As for the app backend, this can take several days, so just persevere. 

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Yeah. I saw that solution in other posts too so I called the activation number and explained the situation. The guy said he ran some tests and that my hub is faulty so he has ordered me a new one to arrive in a weeks time.

I really don't think this is the issue but will have to wait and see. 

Thank you for trying this @NeilK24 

Are you able to let us know how things are looking after the new Hub has arrived?

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Hi everyone.

So after a third phone call to VM Customer support, (2nd one hung up on me after 30mins and 3rd one couldn't understand that I only needed my pods paired to my new hub) I was given an engineer appointment. He duly arrived and with one phone call to his tech support, had the pods paired to my new hub and working within two minutes. 

I can't believe that for a technology company, it took this amount of hassle and time wasting to have such a simple thing resolved. This should be something that is automated and not even have the need to speak to anyone but what do I know.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions! 

Till the next time.....