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Hub 5 no longer recognising switch

Tuning in


Got a Hub 5 a few weeks ago (upgraded from Hub 3) and I have a Netgear GS105 switch connected directly to the router.
All had been working fine, until I returned from holiday yesterday and the switch was no longer recognised. I've done some troubleshooting on the switch (working fine) and tried with another known working switch (a TP-Link TL-SG108S) and got the same. I know nothing has changed at my end (as no one has been here to change anything!), and connecting directly into a laptop's ethernet port works fine - it appears to be specific to the switches.

Additional info: I've done the reset that tends to be the default VM response, and WIFI is unaffected 

Thanks Greg


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

As suggested elsewhere you could try a pin hole reset of the hub5 which will clear out all its stored values and might make it work.

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Tuning in

Update: An engineer said that the router is faulty and a replacement is being sent out. He couldn't explain what had caused it, or why it was only affecting some wired devices, but hopefully it arrives tomorrow and it can all be put down to a hardware fault. 


This is not the only thread where a Hub 5 fails to work with network switches.

Alessandro Volta

@IPFreely wrote:

In router mode? Are you saying that Hub can't handle more than a single wired device?

Sure per port why not VM way of thinking


So far, so good.

Hi there @gregpalin 

Thank you so much for your popping back to us and we are glad to hear an engineer was able to arrange a switch. To confirm has the new Hub now been installed and are things looking good?