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Hub 5 - flashing red or green

Tuning in

Hi there, I do want to preface and say I do have an engineer booked for tomorrow, but if there is anything I can do to fix it in the meantime then I'll do it

I noticed on Friday evening my internet went a bit kaput, and woke up on Saturday to it still being down. Did a normal restart and it was fine, then it went off again. Did a pinhole reset and again, it worked and went to a flashing red light.

I did a wall reset this time and then it was a flashing green light for around 3 hours, and the router page in my browser was saying things like Partial Service (US Only) etc

It eventually came back on about half 7 in the evening and stayed on all up until I went to bed - woke up this morning and its flashing red again

I don't know what can be done if anything before the tech arrives but I have work tomorrow and don't have much hotspot data left. I'm a remote worker


Tuning in

It's now flashing blue after being off for a few hours whilst i went out


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi stator97,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some connection issues, how are things since your engineer visit?


Hi, all sorted. Please pass on my utmost gratitude to the engineer Craig if possible, he is an absolute legend

Hi there @stator97 

Thank you so much for your post and for popping back to us, we are so glad to hear that Craig was able to help and we are so happy that he was able to resolve this for you. 

I will do all I can to pass the thanks back to them! 

Please do pop back to the forums should you need any help in the future.