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Hub 5 disconnecting frequently

Fibre optic


I have issues many nights with broadband,  the issue seems to be upload because when they occur the download and streaming once started is fine. This is also seen as failures in the ping test (if have IPFlood turned off).

You can see in the middle of the graph with the solid line the period where I rebooted 

What really bugs me as well is that when this is occurring even ethernet and WiFi dies so my local LAN is kaput.

Finally, if following the instructions from bottom Virgin I then reboot, I am then without internet completely

Checking some more I find the issue is with allocating IP addresses...  if I tell my phone to allocate itself a static IP address it's then connecting to the Router again, albeit completely unstable.


So to sum up I think I have several issues:

1) router fails nightly from about 11 pm or shortly before until early hours of the morning (first picture).

Sometimes, as today, it fails completely (second screenshot)

2) the fault behind (1) seems to be upload related more than download.

3) when it fails WiFi and Ethernet even on the LAN also goes down.  The issue seems to be router performance related (is it getting hot and dying perhaps)

4) when it fails the cause of (2) seems to be DHCP issues.  Reboot seems not to fix that until the upload performance comes back the next date (is there some bug or dependency between external WAN DHCP and internal WAN DHCP that virgin need to fix?)


I've an engineer booked for Friday but wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on where I should direct him to look?







2020 Tivo-scaling bug (nearly resolved)

Virgin-TV-V6 Video-Output-Settings


I think there's two issues.... The SSID renaming issues which I've linked to an original thread with the root cause.

And this snr issue.

I don't know what they're doing but it starts at the same time every night just after they've fixed it



2020 Tivo-scaling bug (nearly resolved)

Virgin-TV-V6 Video-Output-Settings

Afternoon crypticc,

I've had a look at things from our side, and can see the SNR issue has now been resolved. The hub hasn't been rebooted since things have been resolved, if you can please do that and report back if there are still problems.