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Hub 5 blue light again

Joining in

This has happened before, hub 5 starts flashing blue. But has fixed itself previously. Til today. Ive Tried switching on/off unplugged everything. I Have reboot it from router ip settings. On hub 5 status in regards to Internet it says requesting CM IP address

   Attempted book a techican but il be charge 25£ probably for them do exactly the same things I've tried. 





Joining in

Couldn't make this up, bang on midnite rebooted itself and is now working. 

Any advice what do in future for this issue. Much appreciated. 

Hi Heva619,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. When are you getting this Blue flashing light?

If it is very late evening/early morning? If so, this is when we do all our automatic updates, you may find in this time your hub will flash and reboot.

If you find this is happening more frequently and at all times of the day, please come back to us and we will investigate this further for you.

Kind regards Jodi.