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Hub 5 and Power line adapters

Tuning in

I've recently had a hub upgrade to the hub 5 however my existing powerline adapters don't connect. Can someone advise pls


Super solver

I'd bin the VM powerline adapters. They are a proven fire risk. VM now do pods but buying your own router would be cheaper in the long run. 

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If we were changing from a BT / Plusnet / TalkTalk Router to a VM Hub the IP address range of the Powerline adaptor's menus may need to be reset.  But here that does not appear to be the case.

For a change of VM Hub I would expect to power off all the Powerline adaptors ( and any network switches ) and then power them all back on once the new Hub 5 was up and running.  

Similarly all attached equipment ( cameras / laptops / TV / printers etc ) will need to be power cycled to ensure every device requests and IP address from the Hub 5.

Unless the Powerline adaptors have become unpaired, reconfiguration should not be needed.