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Hub 5 WiFi Calling stops working after 1-2 weeks uptime

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Hi, I'm having a weird issue with WiFi Calling on the Hub 5 in router mode.

Currently at 9 days 2 hours uptime and WiFi Calling has stopped working on my iPhone. It's done this before but I've never checked the uptime after so thought I'd start checking now.

When this happens it seems like it's blocking my iPhone's MAC address from WiFi Calling. Turning private MAC address off, or generating a new one by forgetting the network and reconnecting, fixes it. Rebooting the Hub 5 and keeping MAC the same also fixes the issue.

Seems like I'm not the only one that's faced this

This doesn't happen on other routers I've used.

Does Virgin Media have any plans to fix this?




In 2 years VM have not fixed or admitted to any of the known Wi-Fi, DHCP, DNS or Port Forwarding issues of the Hub 5.

If the Hub 5 is at issue here, a 3rd Party Wi-Fi Router & the Hub 5 in Modem mode may be the only way to resolve the problem this week.

On our wavelength

It broke again after 12 days uptime, anyone from Virgin Media able to investigate this?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

In the many, many years I've been with VM, I've never seen any replies from them stating they are working on firmware updates in relation to a fault.  In fact, I've never seen any release notes for firmware updates of any kind.

So if they are working on it, I doubt if they will tell you?

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Hi hammy434 thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear that you're having an ongoing issue with WiFi calling and the hub 5.  Are you able to confirm if this issue also impacts you if you attempt calls via a 3rd party app?  I cannot give examples of apps, sorry. We're not currently aware of any issues regarding this.  Have you checked with your mobile supplier for any issues?  Also is it only the one device still having the issue?