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Hub 5 Losing 2.4 Wi-Fi connection

Joining in

I keep losing 2.4 Wi-Fi connection, tried resting works for a period of time, sometimes an hour and can work for days, when I log on to router setting it says everything is working. This very frustrating as not had the hub that long and can not use things like my door bell and smart plugs.

I read through a lot of threads on and tried doing what is suggested, works for a bit the reverts back to no 2.4 Wi-Fi connection.  

They is so many complaining about this on here why is virgin not doing anything about this? 




There appear to be 2 hardware versions of the Hub 5, both with a growing list of serious known defects.

++ Multiple WiFi compatability, & reliability issues
++ WiFi fails when SSIDs are changed.
++ DHCP server that fails when many devices are attached
++ VOIP config error that allows Direct IP Ghost calls.
++ new Hub 5s often fail within days of being installed

None of these defects have been addressed and yet the Hub 5 continues to be delivered to customers

If a Hub 5 is delivered here I shall buy a WiFi Router before it is attached to the line.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Glen2023 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. Sorry to hear you're having issues with the 2.4G connection.

Can you do me some speedtests near these devices that are dropping please, just to see if you're getting a good signal/connection and report back?

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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I can not get on 2.4 now to do any speed tests. 

Joining in

I have been with Virgin for over 30 years, I was with the original diamond cable then NTL. But can not get onto 2.4 at all, not so all devices that use it I can not use. Contract is up now, so will NOT be staying with Virgin.  

What a shame?


How much time do folks spend whining that they need a Hub 5, failing to grasp this is the quality of it.

Set the Hub 5 in modem mode and use a 3rd party Router for £120 or less these issues can be totally solved.

Hi @Glen2023,

I'm very sorry to hear that your Wi-Fi service issues are ongoing. Is your wired connection affected at all?


Zach - Forum Team
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Thank you for your reply

Wired connection is fine as well as the 5ghz. If i rest the router it 2.4GHz would work for a while but now it will not work at all even when i reset the router. So can not use my door bell and other devices that only use 2.4 my old router worked fine, 

Hi Glen2023, 

Thanks for coming back to us about your 2.4 channel connection, I am sorry you're still having issues connecting some devices to it that only run on this dedicated WIFI channel 😥 

Can I ask if you've got any WIFI Pods installed?

If not, they may help in this instance if you want to use the Connect App to scan your home, it will let you know if WIFI Pods are needed. They will spread the WIFI signal throughout your home, which includes the 2.4 channel. 

Please try this today and let us know what it states about your home. 



Hi Megan

No i do not have any pods, I have the connect app, tried it and it says i have a good signal when on 5ghz but 2.4 not showing on my phone or any device lapto tablet can not even get my door bel to work as that only works on 2.4ghz that I paid £100 for.